Inexperienced applicants are also OK!
We are looking for applicants with a desire
to become software developers!!

Cell Tech mainly develops various test and evaluation systems that support the safety of aircraft. Besides various communication and network technologies, we also use various technologies such as database, GUI, image processing, AI, etc. for development.
Why not challenge yourself with a wide range of themes, various technologies and new system development together with us?
In addition to experienced people, motivated people without programming experience are OK. We have a program used to master programing techniques that is available after joining the company.
We cherish our friends, love having conversations, working with our customers feelings, etc., we value human nature. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and willing to take on challenges together with us, even if they are unfamiliar with the aviation industry or lack programming experience.

Senior’s voice

[Occupation] Work at the Okinawa Development Office

A job that
encourages learning

Prior to joining the company I had worked on network infrastructure and did not have much connection to the current work described, but I was interested in software development. Regarding programming, it was something I touched on while I was a student, so I started studying earnestly after I joined the company. After about a year of training I was able to work and have now been working for about 3 years. Regarding the development of measurement control software, initially, I was a little worried about my skill level, but gradually became interested as I received training. Now, it brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

[Occupation] Work at the Okinawa Development Office

Actively challenge difficult requests.
I really
enjoy overcoming a great challenge

I was also engaged in software development in prior jobs. Although I was still developing software, it took a while to get used to the field of measurement control.
However, through polite and enthusiastic training in house for a year, before I realized, I was able to acquire adequate skills and I became happy with my work.
Now, as I became able to understand the overall picture of the systems, I became able to do more work and my work has became more interesting. Currently I am studying in order to become a system designer in the future.
Unlike other software development environments, our work is an environment where you are able to communicate directly with the end users. Therefore, the ideas of ​​the customer and the situation of the worksite are communicated directly. I find myself often tense, but it is a pleasant moment when you can hear the voice of joy as you clear a task. I think that the time of challenging difficult requests, solving them, and making the customers happy is the most challenging aspect of this job.

[Occupation] Work at the Tokyo Headquarters

Filling the request gap with technology and compassion

Mainly, I am working on programming development using "LabVIEW".
Because there are many aviation related fields in Cell Tech’s work, I think that the required quality level is quite high.
In order to respond to that request, we accumulate a vast amount of knowledge and take into account the circumstances of people in various positions, and are working on development while consciously thinking of it as work directly linked to flight safety and security.
Since it is not always the case that work starts after understanding all of the processes, I believe that aspiring for knowledge, technology, and patiently listening to concerns to fill the gap of customer's requests will lead to more satisfying products.
Although the public does not directly interact with the software we have developed, I think our software protects many peoples security and safety.

[Occupation] Work at the Tokyo Headquarters

Looking for recruits who posses curiosity and perseverance,
and a mentality that will
not be discouraged

I am engaged in work to create intermediate software such as that of maintenance of the control computer installed in the jet engine, exchange of data of the computer when testing, and transfer of the data to the test system. Although it is rare, I may also go to the worksite.
The period of work can be as short as 3 months or as long as 1 year. In the case of longterm work, there are many things we are asked of in addition to suggestions for improvement and new ideas. At such time, expertise do not come into play as much, and I think that often the values ​​and opinions of younger employees are active, therefore, even if experience is low, I think there is still an environment where younger employees can make an active appearance.
In addition, from my viewpoint as a lecturer in internal trainings, it is a common to see those who grow to posses curiosity, perseverance, and fearless mentality. In addition, regardless of age, good team members share these common points.
Beginners as well as inexperienced people will be trained thoroughly, therefore I would like to work with those kind of people.

[Occupation] Work at the Tokyo Headquarters

I am fond of aircrafts, so
my job is very enjoyable

I am a programmer, but since I do system design, I think that it is close to being a SE. Currently, in addition to the measurement control system of the engine, I am also in charge of maintenance and renovation.
Before joining Cell Tech, I was involved in system development such as that of medical systems, financial systems, etc., but since I joined the Cell Tech, I have become focused on measurement control.
I am an aviation college graduate and I have loved aircraft for many years, so I really enjoy my current work of developing for aircraft. Going to the worksite is also enjoyable.
Even if you do not know the system or programming language, you can surely learn it, therefore I want to work with someone who is motivated to take on challenges with a positive attitude.

Okinawa work is also possible

Since Cell Tech has a development office in Okinawa in addition to our Headquarters (Tokyo), you can choose the work place of your choice.

Recruitment summary

Job openings Software engineer, software developer
(programming mainly with C/C ++ (Windows, Linux))
Salary Newly graduated employment monthly salary 180,000 yen to 220,000 yen
career recruitment by knowledge and experience
Benefits Commuter benefits, executive benefits, overtime benefits
Raise Once a year (April)
Bonus Once a year (September)
Workplace ① Headquarters (1-16-8 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
② Okinawa Development Office (2-20-1 Ishikawa Akasaki, Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan)
Working hours 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. (1 hour lunch break)
Holidays and vacation Based on the internal calendar
(summer vacation, year-end and new year holidays and paid vacation according to internal regulations)
Service and benefit programs Complete social insurance, health examinations, and use of contract welfare facilities
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