Business IntroductionBusiness Introduction

Based on our extensive
knowledge and
experience, we
develop software.

Our company, in order to accurately respond to customer's needs, constantly strives to gather information and acquire skills in various fields. Based on that extensive knowledge, skills, and experience, we perform software development that enhance the effective use of hardware, and system proposals that combine various commercially available products and technologies.

Software development flow

Request understanding and proposal image

Review of Specifications

In software development, major changes in specifications at a later stage can often cause major troubles the hearing of the specification and the requirement definition of the system in the preliminary stage of development have a very important role.

Specification sheet preparation image

Making of Specifications

After understanding the customer's request, we will use our knowledge and technology to figure out the best way.
We assume various situations such as "what disadvantages would arise when giving priority to customer's request”
and "whether this will cause problems with other systems or not”, and while solving these problems, concretely summarize the contents of the requirement definition in the specification sheet.

Development work image

Development work

Based on specifications incorporating customer requirements, we develop products that meet the requested QCD under a strictly controlled development system and development process.

Completion examination image

Completion inspection

Prior to delivering the system and software, we will conduct a comprehensive confirmation test combined with all the devices under the customer's presence. In this inspection, not only the requested function, but also even the details such as the inspection which is not normally carried out are confirmed

Future efforts

Business expansion with image processing technology and also AI in mind image
Business expansion with image processing technology and also
AI in mind

We are currently paying attention to image processing technology using deep learning.
By combining our expertise and know-how with these technologies, we believe that we can see what we have not seen or will be able to do processing that took a long time at a higher speed.
We will actively challenge new technologies to realize these systems and enhance customer satisfaction.


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